What’s behind your motivation?

If I had to guestimate, I’d say that the vast majority of people in the gym are training to physically look better. Guys want that V-taper, bigger biceps, barrell chest, 6-pack abs. Girls want toned shoulders, tight glutes, firm thighs, lean waist. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having this attitude towards training, this is one of the reasons I got started, but I urge you to look deeper than this, beyond the purely aesthetic reason of looking good and getting all the eyes looking at you. Hopefully, if you get into the gym and have been working out for an appreciable amount of time your motivation for going to the gym will change.

Working out shouldn’t just be about looking good. You should develop an inner drive to train for the enjoyment and satisfaction that lifting a heavy weight off the ground brings, the euphoria that you feel after setting a new PR. Chasing that pain that comes when grinding through a heavy set, being on the verge of vomiting or passing out. Training for the sake of training. Getting yourself stronger and faster and pushing your limits. Looking good is just the by product of these goals. Your drive isn’t dependent on if you have a six pack or bulging biceps. If you train hard enough & eat right, these things will come in time.

Seeing changes both inside and out to your body. Knowing that you are improving your life and not being part of the masses slowly growing fatter, lazier and unhealthier. You are making a life changing choice to bring the human body back to where it’s meant to be. Your body is resilient and can cope with whatever you throw at it. Overtraining is a term thrown around by the lazy to describe the soreness you feel after working out. Your actions today will haunt you tomorrow, so you’d better make sure that they are worthwhile.

You are the product of two million years of evolution. Get off your ass and lift some weights, get outside, break a sweat, improve yourself, push your limits, set new records, feel good about yourself and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

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