Push Yourself!

If I told you that I want you to dedicate 5 hours a week to an activity and in one year I don’t you to be any better at that activity. I want you to be doing the exact same thing without improving and I don’t want to see any changes in any way. What would you say?

I bet you would call me stupid, tell me to shut the hell up and kick my ass for wasting your time. If I spend 260 hours doing something, I damn sure expect to be better at it. Yet you look around at people at the gym, and they never seem to be getting any better, a lot of people, unfortunately, seem to be stuck in a rut, or a ‘training plateau’.

A very common thing I see in the gym, is people who don’t put in the effort. By this I don’t mean the effort of waking up and making it over to the gym, hell anyone can do that. By effort, I mean that gruelling balls to the wall effort that makes people think you’re out on day release from the insane asylum. I hardly see anyone striving to push themselves beyond their limits, try something new, cause themselves discomfort…

How can I tell this? It’s all in someones face. Next time you’re at the gym have a look at people’s faces when they workout and that’s how you’ll know exactly how hard they are working out. Don’t be fooled by the amount of weight someone is pushing, that’s not all that effort is concerned with. You can scream with a 65lb barbell doing front squats Tabata style.

When you see someone that looks like they’re about to pop a blood vessel in their forehead, they neck is bursting with veins, their lips are pursed together, their eyes have a look of pure focus and their head is shaking like they’re on the verge of an epileptic fit, you know that they are pushing themselves to their absolute limit.

This type of effort takes heart, determination, mental fortitude & strength and a little something else, that I can’t put into words. Not many people do it, not many people put in the effort that a workout requires. It really falls upon your own shoulders to do this for yourself, you’ve already made the commitment to go to the gym regularly, why not go the extra step that many others don’t and put in real effort, don’t just go through the motions and barely break a sweat. Get in there. Push yourself. Make it look like you just stepped out of the shower fully clothed. Sound like your having an asthma attack. Lift to your absolute limits. Make a face that makes it look like you’re going through unimaginable pain. Only through immense pressure is a diamond created. Do you want to be a regular rock? Or do you want to shine bright and strong?

When was the last time you pushed yourself, honestly?

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