R & R

January 5, 2012… The date of the last time I trained at the gym. Now this isn’t the last time I was at the gym, but it may as well have been. 23 days and I can count the number of times I’ve been inside a gym with one finger. The holiday season, vacation, fatigue, lack of time, sickness and general good times have gotten in the way of the hard training I’ve grown accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been sedentary over the weeks; some running around, hours of walking in New York, Vegas & LA and general physical activity over the weeks has kept the blood flowing.

It takes approximately two weeks for detraining to start showing effects on performance and training. And I can definitely feel it. Routine establishes consistency and consistency develops results. However, with no regularity in my life during the last three weeks, I’ve sadly let my training take a back seat. I feel that regular training isn’t only beneficial for the physical results, but also for the mental and psychological benefits. My training is one of the few times in a day where I can completely forget about the rest of the world and any stress, anger, annoyance for the day and place 100% of my focus on myself and accomplishing my goal for that day. After all the straining and sweat comes a serenity and a euphoria that calms and soothes the mind, if only for a couple of hours afterwards.

When you lift a weight that has previously defeated you, it develops a resolve and grit that not only helps in training. It sets up a pattern whereby you know you can accomplish anything as long as you set your mind to it and create an plan. You must believe in your own abilities and skills, as you believed in your strength and to lift that weight off the ground. Even through the set backs and side tracks you will undoubtedly face you must never lose that determination to succeed.

The lack of training has definitely strengthened my resolve to come back stronger and better once I start step foot inside the gym again. It’s clarified that training is a big part of my life for not only in keeping my body healthy, but in also keeping my mind healthy.

… And on the plus side, three weeks off heavy lifting and my hips & shoulders have never felt as healthy.

Rest & recovery? Everyone needs it!

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