Muscle Pharm Assault

So I’ve decided to jump back on the pre-workout (PWO) bandwagon and started today with some Assault by Muscle Pharm, currently voted the #1 pre workout supplement… yes, I did buy into the hype.

I’d like to say I have a pretty extensive experience with PWO products, having used coffee, red bull,  NO-Xplode, Superpump, Jack3d, C4 & NO Shotgun in the past. I’ve even made my own custom PWO (which I thought worked out the best, but did result in my kitchen looking like it was stolen from Scarface). This time, I opted for convenience and taste (custom made powders never taste the same as commercial products) and decided to see what all the rage is about.

Now I know, it’s a bit premature to post up a review after only one try for any supplement, but with any PWO you usually know upon the first try how good it’ll be (and the effects usually subside after a while), since it’s all stimulant based and hits you very quickly. I also don’t feel that PWO provide ‘long term results’, any claims that ‘this PWO led me to put on 5lbs of pure muscle’ are completely ludicrous in my opinion. I started with the recommended dose of half a scoop and it took about 15-20 minutes to kick in. Now in the past I have taken the max recommended 3 scoops of No Xplode, so am accustomed to PWO powders & the included stimulants. Considering this was the minimum serving, it wasn’t as jittery as Jack3d and I felt more awake considering I started my workout at 7pm instead of the usual 5pm.

My primary motive for starting down the PWO path again, is after 3 months off, I feel that I have given my adrenal system a long enough break. I’m after the extra energy for my workouts after I leave the office. The 3 months off have also reacquainted me with the feeling of pushing myself when fatigued and it’s been working quite well. For this aspect it worked very well. I had that extra energy without too much shakiness and without the 1,3-DMAA in the mixture I wasn’t as ‘cracked out’ as other PWO’s work.  Another problem I’ve had with other PWOs is excessive sweating and dry mouth, I have a feeling this is due to the 1,3-DMAA. So again another plus of this powder.

Now seeing the label below, you could acuse them of ‘pixie dusting’ the formula with all the ingredients listed. Putting this into perspective; for almost all mixtures on the market, the ingredient profiles are ‘amazing’; they all include ingredients that should help improve performance. Now, what the question comes down to is: are those ingredients listed on the label at efficacious doses and are they blended in a synergistic ratio. This is where the problem arises, because no one except the supplement company will know. Because most hide behind a ‘proprietary blend’, which in theory means that the competitors can’t directly duplicate their formula, there are only a couple of PWOs that I’ve come across that list the amount of each individual ingredient (Jack3d, C4, Unleashed). However, some companies are known to ‘pixie dust’ their ingredients, which means they’ll place 0.0001mg of an ingredient just to have it on the label. Simple research and math will tell you if a company is doing this, look at the active ingredient weight, how many ingredients are listed, find out what the research dictates a good dose is and voila! You’ll see if there are too many ingredients to make any single ingredient efficacious. Looking below, MP Assault may or may not do this, but that is a lot of ingredients to have in a single 23g serve. Remember that it is recommended to take 5g of creatine a day for any noticeable effect. This has 31 different ingredients…

This doesn’t close the case on MP Assault just yet, from my experience a PWO’s review is a very subjective matter. Pixie dust all you want, if the formula boosts your performance in the gym or gives you that extra energy you were looking for, then it’s a home run supplement. Some mixtures are like manna from the gods to some and complete garbage to others. From my own experiences, I would say this stacks up quite well and somewhat lives up to the hype. I did notice a slight ‘pump’ (I really hate that term) after my workout and was able to bang out some heavier weights on my standing military presses, as well as hit a couple more TRX dips than I normally can. I felt longer lasting energy up until the end of my workout, when I normally am fatigued and am ready for home. Writing this at 10pm and I still feel quite awake, which isn’t great at this time of the night! However, this will serve well for morning workouts.

This powder will not get you jacked, it will not give you ‘skin bursting pumps’, it will not let you lift a herculean amount of weight in 15 minutes, it will not let you double your normal reps, no supplement around will do that. Basically, it will give you a little more energy throughout your workout and help you stay focused, IF the formula agrees with your body. For me, it did exactly what I wanted, so it served it’s purpose. It tasted great, didn’t upset my stomach and helped improve my energy and focus.  If the price is right, I would buy this again, however at approximately a dollar a serving, I may have to bite the bullet and head back into creating my own PWOs.

I purchased this from for $34.95. Very competitive site and in my opinion better than due to free shipping for orders over $99 and they also include a free (albeit cheap) gift for purchases over $85.

Sorry, but this supplement won't give you arms like this

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