Another FDA ban…

The FDA (Food & Drug Absurdity) would like to ban 1,3-dimethylamylamine AKA 1,3 DMAA, read it here. Why? Because among the millions of healthy users whom have consumed the ingredient in various nutritional supplements over the last decade; there have been 42 ‘adverse reports’ from (ab)use of the supplement, including 2 deaths. Now not to take away from the people that have been adversely affected by the use of this supplement, we have to look at this in perspective.

The FDA and other so called ‘experts’ (most likely the same experts that made ephedra, pro-hormones & steroids illegal) seem to have some crazy fixation on punishing the few people out there that choose (remember CHOOSE) to aid their own quests in physical development. Congress spent more time discussing steroid use in baseball than they did on the decision to wage the war in Iraq 1. Does that seem like time well spent? I don’t think so. This is the same government that allowed pizza to be classified as a vegetable! Read about that here. I have an idea, how about less time spent punishing athletes and fitness enthusiasts and more time reading a book or even looking at some vegetables.

Now people will claim that we should be protected from harmful and evil corporations making these substances that cause ill health on the tiny minority. However, on almost every bottle of supplement containing DMAA, the makers explicitly say that this is a strong compound and should be taken with care. Even citing maximum recommended does multiple times on a label.

I do believe USP labs even highlights their warning for the product

Anybody ingesting anything in their body should also be fully aware of the effect it will have. Ignorance is not a defence for a crime, nor should it be used as evidence against. A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of thousands of articles explaining in detail the effects; both positive & negative on the body. Only the informed consumer should purchase these supplements. These companies are not trying to hide that DMAA is in these products.

There is also nobody forcing any person to ingest a pre workout supplement. Most pre workouts are designed for trained individuals who know enough about their body and its reaction to certain ingredients. They are really not made for beginners and novices and in my opinion, shouldn’t be taken by these individuals. They have not established any baselines in any regard to training, nutrition or supplementation and have no business using these products.

The FDA wants to ban DMAA, how about they look at other items that cause ill health. According to the CDC, there were 24,518 deaths in 2011 that were attributed to alcohol 2. There were 443,000 deaths attributed to cigaretts & nicotine 3. 779,367 people died from cardiovascular disease in 2009 4. Yet, I or you can easily go to the store and purchase as much, alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy food as my wallet allows. Yet the FDA wants to stop me from having energy at the gym, because less than 50 people have had adverse affects? Can anybody else see the absurdity in this ruling?

I for one, believe the FDA should keep out of the nutritional supplement industry. No one is forcing us to take these supplements, we are all here to make our own EDUCATED choices and also face any consequences that result from these choices. Now, for people that don’t wish to inform themselves of the potential effects from the things they place in their body; that’s their choice and any subsequent negative outcomes that result, fall squarely and 100% on their shoulders. For those of us who are educated and informed about our own choices that affect nobody but our own body’s, I definitely believe the government should butt out.

If a person who doesn’t care at all about their health is freely allowed to poison it with fast food, alcohol & tobacco, I firmly believe that it is my (and other’s) rights to ingest whatever I choose to do to improve my fitness/strength/looks. Whatever my goal may be.

“If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.” – Ayn Rand

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