It’s all a bunch of highs and lows!

Just a quick update on how my training is going, I’ve hit a new low and many new highs! Today I’m weighing in at 177lbs (80.2kg), which is the lightest I’ve been in about 2 years. I’m also constantly hitting new PR’s across my various exercises that I’ve focused on.

New PR’s:

Front Squat – 245lb x 5

Overhead press – 155lb x 3

Deadlift – 365lb x 3

Squat – 345lb x 2

GHR – 45lb x 10

DB press – 105lb x 8

T-Bar row – 270lb x 5

DB rows – 120lb x 15/side

Power clean – 185lb x 5

DB snatch – 90lb x 3/side

A lot of great new weights and reps for me since changing focus to a more strength & power based movements.

What am I doing differently?

  • Working out 3-5 times per week, 80 minute sessions, occasional 2 hour weekend workouts
  • Exercising at 540am
  • Not training to failure
  • Lifting heavy
  • Each session is based on a movement, and not a body part (squats, deadlift, OHP, bench, pullup/row)
  • Selecting accessory lifts wisely
  • Eating less overall volume and more protein. I’ve introduced wheat back into my diet with no adverse effects
  • Minimal cardio
  • Workouts focus on big compound movements & olympic style lifts
  • Changing between high, med & low rep ranges with low, mid & heavy weights. To minimize wear & tear
  • Taking a week off training each month
  • No post workout shake, simply breakfast

Every little step is one more step towards greatness and I’m well on my way. These results are very motivating and will continue to push me and fill my drive. Keeping it simple is really paying off. Less time in the gym, but more intensity. Less food eaten, but higher quality. Less weight being lugged around, but much stronger.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

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