What does it mean to be a meathead?

Me and a good buddy were out drinking one evening and while chatting with the bartender, we were both accused of being meat heads and asked jokingly (or not) if we used steroids (FYI, it’s no). And no, we weren’t discussing how much we benched at the time, although that topic did come up later. This got me thinking, what does it mean to be a meathead?

If the following applies to you, then I’m happy to say it, you’re a meat head, welcome to the club 🙂

In the gym:

  • Your second house is the gym
  • You think cardio is a waste of time
  • You hate it when someone curls in the squat rack
  • You judge others by their numbers on the bench, squat & deadlift
  • Your gym bag probably contains chalk, belts, wraps, straps, bands, chains
  • Your hands have callouses on top of callouses
  • You’ve bled at least once in the gym
  • You drink your water form a gallon jug
  • After a heavy set it looks like you’re going to burst every capillary in your face
  • You have trained with a cold and find a way to train even if you are injured (but there is at least one body part of you is injured anyways)
  • You’ve said at least one Ronnie Coleman saying whilst training or spotting at the gym

What your thinking:

  • You think anyone that can’t bench their own bodyweight is week
  • Any barbell loaded with less than 135lb is for a warming up
  • You see any heavy object as a challenge to lift it up
  • You’re constantly thinking about your plan of attack for upcoming workouts

When you eat stuff:

  • You look at your meals in terms of protein content
  • You justify overeating by saying you’re in a ‘bulking’ phase
  • Everyone wonders how you eat so much
  • You can justify a supersized Whopper meal with an apple pie as ‘healthy’ because it fits within your ‘macros’
  • You consider taking pre workout powders instead of coffee as a pick me up
  • You’ll drink horrible tasting supplement if it can help your lift
  • You have a spare protein bar/powder packet with you where ever you go in case you get hungry
  • You know a million different ways to cook a chicken breast

Your life:

  • You’re constantly plagued by some sort of ailment somewhere in the body. The shoulder always being a common complaint
  • Standing up & sitting down become excruciating after leg/squat day, so you find any way to avoid both
  • You find it hard to find clothes that fit properly. Generally buying large and up, even though the waist of the shirt is twice as big as your waist
  • Normal cut jeans now look like skinny jeans
  • You can justify wearing a tank top anywhere
  • You’ve watched Pumping Iron at least 10 times
  • Over half of your cupboard is filled with supplement tubs
  • You can multiply 45 by any number instantly
  • You refer to 45lb plates simply as ‘plates’ and only specify weights when using lighter weight plates
  • You need assistance taking a shirt off after a back/chest/shoulder workout
  • Strangers ask if you workout
  • You make weird noises getting into & out of a car
  • Your friends always want you to help them move

Did I miss any? Have a great week!

Squats are a form of torture designed by people who don’t need to do squats in the first place – Nora Roberts

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