Wednesday Wisdom

Every one of us has the requisite knowledge to achieve our health goals. Whether it be weight loss or weight gain. The parameters are simple, yet tough.

We all know what a healthy diet consists of.
We all know we should move at least 3 times a week.
We all know what we shouldn’t eat.
We all know watching hours of TV every day isn’t the best for us.

Knowledge isn’t lacking. We all know what to do. The biggest problem we face is taking action. To begin taking action, we must first discover our why… our deeper why. Our true why, is deeper than simply ‘wanting to look good’, you have to delve deeper than that. One simple, yet difficult exercise, is to ask why seven times over, after each answer.

Why do I want to lose weight? Because I want to look good
Why do I want to look good? …

So on and so forth, until you hit the seventh iteration and magic will happen

The why will give you the drive to take action day in day out. It gives you something bigger than you to believe in, which we all need.


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