The Four Pillars of ‘Deep Nutrition’

I’m over half way through listening to an interesting book, “Deep Nutrition” by Catherine Shanahan, M.D. and wanted to share the four pillars of nutritional wellbeing that Shanahan recommends.

  1. Keep meat on the bone – by cooking meat on the bone it releases glucosamine & collagen fibers to help with joint mobility
  2. Eat organ meats – these lesser eaten parts of the animals are packed with vitamins and minerals not found in the muscle tissue
  3. Eat fermented/sprouted foods – fermenting & sprouting food unlocks and breaks down some starches and other particles that aren’t easily digested by the body. The yeast that ferments the food is also beneficial to consume
  4. Opt for raw & fresh ingredients – the less most food items are cooked, the less denaturing happens – simply due to less heat

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