Train for performance

One of the best shifts in mindset I can recommend that has worked for me, is to shift your mindset from that of exercise to that of training for performance.

What this means, is that you train for specific measurable bench marks, i.e., 405lb deadlift, bodyweight squat, 50 pullups, etc., even if deep down, you truly just want to look good, or lose some weight. Having performance goals, shifts your mindset into tracking something a bit more tangible. Also by setting solid performance based goals, your physique will naturally follow – It’ll be hard to achieve a target of 50 pullups, if you’re out of shape in any way.

Try this our for the coming year, look at what you want to achieve, convert that (if necessary) into some sort of performance standard, give yourself a realistic deadline and watch your tertiary goals fall inline as well.

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