One thing you need to ask yourself and really gain a true understanding of, is your why.

Your why is the single most important thing you can discover. This is because you begin with the end in mind. Your why will show you where you want to go, the how is the road map to get you there. Without a strong enough why, your how will only get you so far.

By beginning with the end in mind, you will be able to start off on the right foot. With a strong enough why, you’ll have pretty much unlimited strength and motivation to get through the days that you don’t want to push through.

How do you find your why? This will take some time and silence by yourself. Next time you have a couple of minutes to yourself with no interruptions and nobody else to interrupt you, ask yourself why, seven times. Seven seems to be the magic number, because it uncovers the reasons behind the superficial.

There is a bigger reason why you want a six pack, or to be able to deadlift 600lbs. Uncovering the deep seeded why within yourself will unleash the true power and potential you have within your mind. Do you want to be alive to plat with your grandkids, were you bullied as a kid and need to prove yourself, do you lack control in other aspects of your life and this is the one thing you have total control over?

This true deep reason will stem from a dark place within. A place you don’t want anybody else to see, not your friends, partner, kids or parents. The dark place within is the one place you can retreat to and dig deep to gain strength from. It will power everything you do once you identify it. Once you discover this, control it, do not let it control you.

It will surface as cool headed, determined energy. It won’t be hyper aggressive, it won’t be anger. It will give you the drive to get up at 5am and train, go to the gym after a 10 hour shift and even stop you eating the free pizza that was brought for the office. It won’t let you slip into leisure time, it will drive you to push yourself. To work harder, put in the extra rep, lift that extra pound.

There are a million real reasons why people are motivated to change their lives, but the only one that matters, is the one that matters to you. Without unlocking this hidden power, you will have trouble with motivation. Motivation wanes and brute force action only lasts so long. True determination and grit will be powered by your dark place will form a life long habit of self improvement.

What is your why?

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