Care or motivation

One of the highest priorities a creature should have is self preservation. Yet, we’re in a health crisis with obesity in USA on the rise which seems counter intuitive for any biological organisms innate drive to survive. A lot of people will have you believe that we lack motivation and the drive to eat healthily and exercise sufficiently. I would dare say it’s worse than that, I would propose that we just lack the care to live in a manner that increases life.

We have to prioritize the activities in our daily life, since we all only have 24 hours in a day. These are broken down into some common clusters for the average person. Sleep for 6-8 hours every day, work 8 hours every day, commute 1-2 hours every day. This means the average person’s day is consumed with 14 – 18 hours every single day with work and sleep. This gives the average person 6-10 hours of personal time. If we make some further assumptions and half that time to account for personal maintenance etc. The average person would have 3-5 hours of truly free time. Even at a worst case scenario I would argue anybody can figure out how to carve out 30 minutes of personal time everyday.

How we spend this personal time, reflects what we truly care about. Do you care more about personal development or what is happening on Netflix? Do you care about your health or which Kardashian is on the news? Do you care more about your physical fitness or hanging out with acquaintances at the bar? Do you care more about family or who won the recent ball game? How you answer these questions will show what your true values are.

Because, it takes no motivation to waste time and if you truly care about something it will also take no motivation to take positive action.

Do you need more motivation or do you really need to care more about your goal?


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