Training Update

I am on the final stretch of the Barbell Medicine Hypertrophy template. Only weeks six and seven to go. There are eight training sessions left and four GPP days left. My current conundrum is, I have two vacations planned and only eight available days in the next two weeks.

I’ve currently been training for four days straight, including one double day, and this is doing to be followed with another four straight days. This is eight straight days without rest, followed by a three day break. This stretch has allowed me to fit in two days and a GPP day from Week 5, all of Week 6 and the first day of Week 7.

Then I will have three days back to back, with one double day to get in the final four days. Before 12 days traveling to Australia. I don’t currently have a plan to find a gym and train there, so it might be a good 12 days without any training stimulus whatsoever.

My mistake was not accounting for this sooner in the program, I could have front loaded some of the training sessions so that I was ahead of the time off. But since I am in the where I am, I think it will be interesting to see how the body will react to all this over reaching and extended rest periods.

Halfway through the eight day stretch and my body does feel sore, especially the lower back. My deadlift weights used are definitely lower, but the exertion felt about the same. I am aiming to increase calories slightly as well as try and get a little bit more sleep than usual. I am attempting to also reduce the rest periods between sets, in an effort to reduce overall workout time, thus reducing the amount of stress slightly.

I am curious to see if there is a nocebo effect on my training occurring because of the years of dogma out there stating that this would be too taxing on the body. Only time will tell.

One thing is certain, for this to work, everything else has to be as close to on point as possible: adequate rest, proper nutrition. good sleep and solid supplementation.

I will report at the end of eight days!


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