Just do it

Why is there this huge emphasis on enjoying exercise? Sometimes I wonder why this mindset exists in society, where there is such an emphasis on enjoyment over doing what is necessary. People would prefer to sit and watch Netflix than improve themselves.

Life happens to be tough and requires hard work.  In fact I would argue that most things in life are performed out of necessity rather than pleasure. I don’t find brushing and flossing my teeth necessarily ‘enjoyable’ yet I perform these tasks daily because I know they will improve the quality of my life in the long run.

I would also argue that if you’re in a position in life to be able to read this blog, then I would say you are in the top 1% of people that live on the face of this planet and really have nothing to complain about.

Not to get too philosophical, but the first truth of Buddhism is that suffering pain and misery exist in life. Nietzsche said, ‘To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering’. This concept of doing what is necessary has been the stalwart of existence until recently.

In some cases, there are things in life that just have to happen in order to live. Work, education, investing, taxes, etc. Not all of these things are enjoyable, they are necessary. Taking care of you body is arguably the most important thing a person can do. It is literally the only thing we can’t replace.

The time we have and body we are given are the only two things that are irreplaceable in this lifetime. So why do we waste our time on things that don’t matter and waste our bodies living an unhealthy life? Simply for the fact of enjoyment.

There are things in life that we have to do, they should not be optional. Exercise, no matter what form it takes should be one of them. I am biased towards strength development, but that doesn’t mean I dislike other exercise forms. Should you enjoy exercise? Probably as this will help improve long term consistency, however, enjoyment shouldn’t be the biggest motivator of action.

Most people don’t work because they enjoy it, they work because they have to do it to survive. Most people don’t want to file taxes, but do, otherwise they’ll go to jail. Most people go through 12 years of schooling, not because it is fun, but because it is expected.

We must raise ourselves to a higher standard and do things not simply because we enjoy them, but more importantly, because they are good for us. Along the way we may find that we enjoy the work, but in the beginning we have to endure.


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