Understanding the underlying principle is more important than picking the right plan. This is because there is no single right plan and to understand the why will unlock the ability to tell good and not so good plans from each other as well as give you the ability to create your own plan.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is no single correct pathway to any destination. Even something as fundamental as driving from point A to point B, there are many different combinations of roadways you can take, this doesn’t include accounting for traffic, road conditions and speed limits. However, when you understand the principle that a straight line is the quickest path somewhere and map your route based on that, then you can narrow down the available routes to the destination.

Successful people all took different steps to attain their level of success. Even athletes competing in the exact same sport for first and second place. They both had completely different strategies and tactics, yet they find themselves in an almost identical competition for an almost identical outcome. I would dare say that no two people on earth will ever live the exact same life. So fundamentally, we can understand that there can be no single correct diet, workout plan or path to a successful life.

What’s more important is understanding the why behind a specific action or set of actions. Looking specifically at dieting, there are countless diets available and to date there have been no conclusive scientifically backed research to prove that there is a single best diet for any person to follow (unless there is, then let me know). In fact, it doesn’t matter what diet you choose to follow, whether it’s keto, paleo, high carb, vegan, Weight Watchers, etc. Because all of the diets are successful because they achieve two things: increase compliance and reduce calories. The most successful diet for you, is the one that works. Once you understand the two principles that underline all the diets available on the market, you’ll understand how to make a diet plan for yourself, or how to pick a diet plan that is well researched and has other positive health outcomes.


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