Compared to what?

Whenever a statement is made about [x] is bad or good for your health. You should first ask yourself, compared with what? These blanket statements with no supporting evidence are bad and downright dangerous for people to be throwing out into the world.

Science is more nuanced than black and white, fat is neither good nor bad, it is simply a macronutrient. ‘Cardio exercise’ is neither good nor bad, it is simply a way to describe certain exercises.

When a blanket ruling is applied to anything, we must delve deeper into the evidence behind that is supporting that claim. Everyone in the medical communinity can agree that smoking is totally and absolutely bad. Yet there are still degrees to this blanket statement, nicotine by itself isn’t necessarily toxic to the body and can be used as a stimulant alternative to caffeine. However, the chemicals and by products in the cigarettes themselves are what are really toxic to the body. There is so much evidence and research into the negative health outcomes of smoking both in relation to death and disease that it would be hard to find a doctor anywhere that would recommend smoking to anybody.

Wheat is a different story. Unless you have a diagnosed allergy or intolerance to wheat, it is neither good nor bad for you. It is just another ingredient that the human body can consume. There is no scientific data to back up the claim that the human body can’t process wheat or gluten, except for those with certain medical conditions. Even something as basic as eating ‘paleo’ style. Where we only eat foods that our ancestors ate. This too is fraught with problems, which ancestors are you referring to, every region in the world has (and still does) eat different types of foods, are we talking about eating a 90% meat diet such as that from the Inuit people? Or do we mean we won’t eat anything that’s cooked, because at one point in human history, we didn’t have fire – raw meat for everyone!

Before you buy into the hype of any blanket statement, fad diet, or other health fad. Look into the research that is backing it up. If there is none, it probably doesn’t have any benefit other than the simple concepts that help a diet – calorie restriction and compliance. Those are the only two things that make up a successful diet. Nothing about any diet is special other than making you eat less and continually eating less.

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