Diet & Nutrition

This section will focus on my views on diet & nutrition. There’ll be nothing ground breaking or revolutionary here, just some logic & common sense from the research that I have done and what I’ve found has worked for me. Take it with a grain of salt, these are some concepts and rules that I live by.

First off, I don’t follow a strict diet, I follow some guidelines that I’ve come up with. Obviously, this means I don’t have outstanding results to show, but it has allowed me some freedom and enjoyment. So let me emphasize, that if you want an outstanding physique, the concepts I’m presenting here most likely won’t get you there.

My philosophy regarding nutrition is that there must be a balance between hitting health goals and enjoying good food. I love food of all sorts and enjoy eating out. Discovering new restaurants, foods and cuisines are one of the joys of life. When travelling eating at the local haunts provides an insight into the people that no other venue can.

Following the 80/20 rule is how I like to plan and think about eating. If I can eat great at least 80% of my week, I’m doing well. This allows me some margin of error and room for enjoyment along the way. If I’m trying to hit a specific goal or weight, then I’ll definitely err on the side of 95/5, but in any case I can acknowledge that I won’t eat perfectly 100% of the time for the long run. The message here is that no restrictive diet is sustainable long term, nor should it be, the carrot juice cleanse is not only terrible for you, but lacks many essential macro and micro nutrients to sustain a healthy life. Think of you eating habits as either, bad, good or great. Do you simply want to be sustaining life or do you want to be improving life?

My first priority is protein, then calories. Everything else can fall in line after that. I aim for at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight and use an online calculator to set daily caloric targets. At my current weight of 190lb, I’m shooting for roughly 200 grams of protein and I currently have the goal of weight loss, so I’ve set my daily calorie total at 2,400. An easy way that I judge my meal is that if 50% of the plate looks like protein, then I’m satisfied.

I’ve found My Fitness Pal to be a great app and website that has helped me track my daily nutrition and have seen great results.

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