My equipment list

Here is a current list and cost of what I am currently using in my own garage gym setup, as of October 2, 2019: I will update this list as I acquire new items.

I have omitted certain items, that double as garage storage and organization, (Gladiator storage rack system, curtains etc). Simply because they aren’t truly ‘garage gym’ equipment and are pretty specific to my own garage and needs.

ItemPrice Paid
Titan T-3 Rack v1$364.65
Rep Fitness AB-3000$309.55
T-3 Crossmember$52.79
CAP OB-86 Barbell$137.87
CAP Olympic 2-Inch Combo Hex Barbell$84.00
EliteFTS SS Yoke Barbell$345.00
Rogue 20kg IPF Ohio Power Barbell$363.56
Fringe Sport 15lb Training Barbell$129.00
CAP Barbell Kettlebell 15lb$19.99
Generic Kettlebell 53lb$61.73
CAP Olympic Grip Plate, 5 lbs x4$3.95
CAP Olympic Grip Plate, 2.5 lbs x2$1.73
CAP Olympic Grip Plate, 10 lbs x2$7.80
CAP Olympic Grip Plate, 45 lbs x4$42.74
CAP Olympic Grip plate, 25lbs x2$25.17
CAP Bumper Plate, 25lb pair$73.68
CAP Bumber plates 45lb, pair$53.00
Weider plates, 44lbs, x2 (used)$44.00
American Barbell plates 45lb, x4 (closeout)$45.00
Bumper plates 10, 15, 25, 35. pairs. (free)$0.00
Spring Collars (pair)$5.00
Generic Lock Collars$10.75
EFS Pro Mini Band x2$35.80
EFS Pro Short Average Band x2$24.80
30′ x 1.5″ Battle Rope Black Poly Dacron$36.89
Concept 2 Rower$950.00
Lifting Platform (total)$200.00
Get RX’d 100lb Sandbag$0.00
Single 50lb dumbbell$34.50
CAP Dumbbell set 10-30 lbs$200.00
Used adjustable bench (currently unused)$60.00
Everlast Punching bag + Stand$194.09

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