First Look Within

Your own worst enemy is usually the voice within your head. Worrying about the future and contemplating the past, whilst ignoring the present.

If we look at the way we speak to ourselves;

‘You’re not strong enough’

‘What makes you think you can do this?’

‘You’re not good enough’

Image by Aaron Huber

If we spoke this way to any other person, they would probably never speak to you again or punch you in the face. However, day after day, this little voice within our own heads repeats these negative thoughts. We become our own biggest critic and enemy.

It’s not simply the action of repeating positive sentences to ourselves. We need to stop the loop in it’s tracks so that every time we feel that negative voice creeping in, we cut the pattern, Mel Robbins has a great TEDx talk regarding the ‘5 Second Rule‘. Which is a great psychological trick that acts as a pattern interrupt to the negative thought process. What is it? Simply count down from 5 and when you hit 0, change thoughts. What do you change it to? It can start off with nothing, just simply stop thinking about it. Eventually, simply talk to yourself like you’re another person. Trick the voice inside your head into talking with compassion, empathy and
positivity… towards yourself. The funny thing we all possess is the uncanny ability to give great advice to others, yet seemingly be unable to step outside of ourselves and do the same.

Another tactic, is to attempt to remove any negative thoughts about anything for one day. If that’s too hard, one hour. If that’s too hard, one minute. Trying to replace the negative thought with gratitude. It’s impossible to be both grateful and negative at the same time. Gratitude and negativity are two opposing thoughts that can’t reconcile in the mind

Of course, this change won’t happen immediately, nor will it be easy. It is a very simple process, but at the end of the day it will take concerted effort and hard work. There’s an entire science dedicated to understanding how the brain works, professional athletes all have some sort of coach or sports psychologist helping them deal with their thoughts.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily

Zig Ziglar

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