Thor’s Power Program: Phase 3 Week 9

This is the ninth installment to my series documenting my experience with the powerlifting/strongman template created Sebastian Oreb. The ninth week kicks off the third phase of the program, which consists of three phases over 12 weeks, dedicated to building power mainly for strongman and powerlifting competitions. The program is split into three different phases to build up overall power for competing in strongman events.

Check out the previous weeks posts here: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7, and week 8.

Watch my Training Vlog here, which details my week 9 training!

Day 1

Safety Bar Squats: 3×3 360-370lbs

The SSB squat makes a return the movement is feeling a lot better than when I first started doing SSB squats and have found a better shoulder position to make the movement more comfortable. I’ve found a narrower stance works better, along with trying to maintain a more vertical back angle (when compared with my regular squat). I’ve also found trying to keep my arms as close to my sides, whilst trying to maintain external shoulder rotation and pulling forward on the handles to be the best way for me to use the SSB.

Power Clean -Superset- Paused Squats

Both of these movements are substitutes in from the original template. These two movements are no where near the prescribed movements, since I lack a yoke and leg press machine. So doing these two, definitely deviates further than any other substitution I have used.

Day 2

Overhead Press: 175lbs 3×3

Back to the regular overhead press, this is another substitute since I don’t have a log available. The OHP itself is feeling better each time I perform it. From a technique perspective, I have to focus more on shooting my head forward once the bar clears, as I’ve found when I don’t do this, the bar drifts forwards and makes the press feel a lot more difficult.

Paused Bench -Superset- Pendlay Rows

Another double substitute from the program. None of day 3 has been performed as prescribed, due to lack of necessary training equipment.

Day 3

Deadlift: 3×3, 395lbs

When it comes back to heavy deadlifts, I like to go barefoot. Mainly because it places me closer to the ground making the deadlift 1″ easier than it would be in shoes.

Sandbag over shoulder -superset- Stiff Legged Deadlifts

The GetRxd 100lb sandbag is pretty awesome to use. Working on that explosive hip hinge pattern is a fun movement. The stiff leg deadlifts are a more novel movement for me, especially at the higher rep ranges, 12 reps for this. With the fatigue from the heavy triples and sandbags, I opted for a lighter weight.

Day 4

Bench Press: 3×3 245-255lbs

The bench press is coming along well. One thing I noticed was when you get complacent with grip, it tends to make the wrists more unstable. Gripping the bar as tight as possible is one cue I would always say to pay attention to.

Pin Overhead Press -superset- Chin Ups

I like to use chin height overhead press, as it allows for a little bit of an overloaded weight to be used because of the reduced range of motion. Another benefit from the pin OHP is that it forces you to lower the weight under a bit more control, to stop undue force on the pins from the barbell, adding a tempo style component to the movement. Supersetting with the chinups is a great paired movement, that I’m a big fan of.

Tune in next week for a review of week 10!


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