Average to Savage 2.0 Weekly Training Vlog

Week 2 Recap:

After the first week’s performances being adjusted for in the spreadsheet algorithms, my performance in the second week is starting to dial right into the prescription of the program. Much like any program, you have to start somewhere, in this case a one rep max input. I don’t think that basing training numbers purely off of your last tested one rep max strength is optimal, but it’s a great place to start. And the great thing about this program is that it automatically adjusts weight recommendations based on previous week’s performances, which means we’re able to triangulate where we need to be week to week.

This is great as it not only gives us a tool to auto-regulate stress over the course of the program. By making small changes as the algorithm gets feedback, we’re really able to push the body when we can and know when to back off. The program isn’t set in stone for the entirety of it either, which again means we’re able to have the prescription/recommendations fluctuate week to week, which should lead to both better improvements in training as well as sustainable training in the long run.

Since strength isn’t the main focus of this training block, you’ll notice a lot less weight is being used across the board, but this is offset with a much higher overall tonnage, with more reps and sets being used for a training stimulus.

With a focus on hypertrophy, it can be hard sometimes to make consistent progress, since you’re not always concerned with weight on the bar. One positive thing about using a training program, is that it provide a structured path to progression, that isn’t so micro focused on the day’s workout, rather it looks at the bigger picture and each day builds the week’s total progress. Each workout itself isn’t performed in isolation, since today’s workout will effect tomorrows and this week’s workouts should be building towards next week’s progress.

The accessory lifts I’ve chosen to do in this program are mainly to help bring up arms and abs and to help build some strongman movement specific strength.

Check out this extremely versatile and affordable program here:
Average to Savage 2.0

For some great reading and research of scientific based articles check out Stronger by Science:

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