Deadlift Setup. How to Improve your Deadlift Part 2

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A bottom up approach to setting up for the deadlift, this is part 2 of the Build a Bigger Deadlift series

Body Positioning Principles for the Deadlift.

  1. Feet & Knees
  • A good starting point for foot placement, is at hip width. Adjust inwards or outwards from there depending on how the stance feels for your body measurements.
  • I like to have my feet rotated slightly outwards. This feels more comfortable for me and opens up the hips just enough to get into position
  • During the pull, make sure you stay balanced between the heels and toes.
  1. The hips
  • Your hips should be in a good spot when your armpits are directly above the barbell
  • Too high you’re removing the quads from the initial pull
  • Too low and you’re extending the ROM too much
  1. The back
  • A neutral spine is best, but this isn’t one perfect position. How your back looks in a deadlift will be unique to your body.
  • The main thing is to make sure whatever position you choose, that it stays that way, the spine shifting under load isn’t great because it is another strength leak in the chain.
  1. The armpits
  • To make sure the barbell doesn’t sway too far out from the body during the lift, squeeze your Yep. to make sure the bar stays touching the legs all the way up is to make sure nobody can smell those dirty pits
  1. The head & neck
  • Whilst maintaining a neutral neck posture, try and make your neck as long as possible.
  • I like to look 10″ in front of me when I start the pull.

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