Thoughts on Weekly Undulating Periodization – Average to Savage 2.0 Program | Training Vlog Week 4

Average to Savage Training Vlog Playlist:

Week 4 Recap:

On this video, I briefly explain what is weekly undulating periodization.
Why & when you might want to incorporate it into your training program.

Week 4 saw some different variations to my typical lifting, with the introduction of the Zercher lunge in an attempt to incorporate some more movements that will have some carry over to Strongman movements.

The main movements are progressing well overall, with the squat and deadlift lagging slightly behind the bench press in terms of more volume and energy levels surrounding the lifts.

The increased amount of reps has meant a lot more opportunity to focus on technical execution of each of the lifts and I think my form for a lot of the lifts is getting better, especially the overhead press and push press.

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