New Farmer Carry PB! Average to Savage 2.0 Program | Training Vlog Week 5

Average to Savage Training Vlog Playlist:

Week 5 Recap:

Making some progress in the Farmer Carries, with 215lbs per hand for 2x 25ft. Even though this isn’t a strongman program, the flexibility of the template allows for a fair amount of choice and tailoring to your specific goals.

I may be attempting too much, and time will probably tell, but with regards to strongman training, I am focusing on the farmer’s carry & Atlas stones. For hypertrophy accessory movements, back, arms and abs are the main exercises selection.

The other lifts have been progressing nicely, with most of them hitting weight and volume goals. I have been experiencing slightly more DOMS than usual, but that is to be expected, as the volume during this program is substantially more than I have been training with in recent months.

The flip side of this has been less joint ‘pain’. Although my muscles are feeling more fatigued, my joints aren’t as achey in general as they get during a more powerlifting specific program, this has made training a lot more enjoyable. Not only does this help with my physical ability to perform movements, without having to work around pain/injury sensations, but mentally, it has been quite nice to look forward to training and not have to spend too much mental space figuring out how to avoid re-aggravating pain sensations in my shoulders/biceps.

Third last week of the first training block.

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Average to Savage 2.0

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