How to pick your deadlift accessory movements. How to improve your deadlift video series part 4

The next step in increasing your deadlift numbers, is to choose the correct deadlift accessory movements. I like to choose accessory lifts based on two factors:

  1. How it affects stress management
  • This is important, as it goes into overall strategy for your training cycle and long term strength goals. An exmaple of too much stress would be if your first deadlift session is heavy singles, and your second deadlift session are block pulls for heavy singles.

Because the block pulls are an overload movement, you’re exposing your body to quite a lot of stress in terms of exposure to heavy weights. It will be a lot harder for your body’s resources to recover in time for the next deadlift session.

  • I like to chose accessory lifts that mechanically disadvantage the lifts. My two favorites are deficits and paused deadlifts. Because they allow us to increase our weekly exposure, whilst still feeling difficult, but not increasing our overall tonnage to a significant degree.
  • The biggest question you should be able to answer, is if today’s workout will be helping or hindering tomorrow’s workout.
  1. They should address your weakness / weak points.
  • Your strengths will tend to continue to strengthen as you get stronger performing the base lift – they’re your strengths.
  • Your weak points must be address separately. As you get stronger the gap between your strong points & weak points will widen, because your body will tend to lift in a way that plays to your strengths and will eventually be the reason for a plateau.
  • If you find yourself having problem off of the floor, the pauses and the deficit deadlifts will help
  • For those that have trouble locking out, then block pulls and using bands or chains will help.,

When targeting a weakness you want to add more stress to the weakpoint and not stress the strong point as much.

Hope this helps you choose your deadlift accessory movements.

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