Less pain? More Hypertrophy! Average to Savage 2.0 Program | Garage Gym Training Vlog Week 6

Average to Savage Training Vlog Playlist:

Week 6 Recap:

Do training that you enjoy. There’s no correct way to train, rather there exists an almost infinite array of training options, all of which have their pros and cons. Some may be better suited to your body and mind. Do more of that, especially if the alternative is to not train.

The last week before a deload week, means we have some functional overreaching in place, where we push our limits ever so slightly, because we have that week to recover from the extra work we’re putting in.

We increased our weights and were spot on for all the lifts with regards to volume targets. Perfect time to take the foot off of the pedal for one week and allow the body to recover.

Bonus this week, is that I was able to lift a newly made 185lb Atlas stone for a couple of reps!

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Average to Savage 2.0

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