My 3 tips for Hard Gainers & 1 factor rarely mentioned. How to gain weight & put on muscle

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Today’s Question is: What is your advice to hard gainers?

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++++++_ ANSWER ++++++_

Here are my top three pieces of advice for those wanting to gain weight.

  1. Have a nutritional plan in place.
  • Journal your eating for a week
  • Calculate your daily protein needs based on your current bodyweight, and your goal bodyweight.
  • 1-1.25g/lb of bodyweight.
  • Daily weigh ins
  • The slow and steady approach, would be to increase calories slightly, 1-200 calories a day. If you see the scale start to trend upwards, then hold your calories until the time comes that the scale stops moving up. When the scale stops moving up, increase your daily calories by another 1-200 calories.
  • Repeat this until you reach your weight

2. Start shifting towards heavy training

  • I’ll admit, this is my own personal bias that is coloring this recommendation, since I’m 99% sure you want to put on muscle rather than fat.
  • The majority of your training should be comprised of compound movements, under the 10 rep range. I would recommend somewhere in the 4-8 rep ranges.
  • For your isolation & accessory movements, this is where you can increase the reps used to 12-15.
  • I don’t think there’s any need to drop below 5 reps
  • We want to train within the 60-80% range of our one rep max.

3. Cardio should be minimized for a certain time period

  • Continue to do cardio, but minimize the amount you do.
  • We should be in a caloric surplus, the amount of cardio we do should be offset with an increase in food consumption
  • Make sure that cardio training does not impact your strength training, in terms of time spent and recovery capacity.
  • Try to avoid running, opt for low impact cardio e.g., rowing, cycling, ergo, airodyne
  • Opt for sprints or interval training. Two fold effect:
    • This will help grow more fast twitch muscle fibers
    • More fast twitch muscle fibers should help you lift more weights

Bonus Tip:
I talk about NEAT and how that affects your weight gain goals.


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