Deloads can be great! Average to Savage 2.0 Program | Garage Gym Training Vlog Week 7

Average to Savage Training Vlog Playlist:

Week 7 Recap:

Ending off the first phase of training with a deload week. Using around 50-60% of 1RMs for a moderate amount of volume for a new way to deload. I’m used to cutting both weight and volume in previous deload weeks, or even taking the week off altogether. Using moderate loads for moderate reps was actually nice and I did not feel any soreness/fatigue from it.

My recommendation for getting the most out of your deload week:

  • take out a lot of accessory work, simply focus on your staple lifts
  • use this time to refine your technique, since you’re not driving on weights or reps, make sure you’re driving in on technique and becoming a technically better lifter
  • reduce rest periods to help drive some GPP/cardio work

A deload week doesn’t have to be boring, or simply ‘restful’. If you think about it wisely, you can still improve on certain things, whilst allowing your body the space to rest and recover

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