Does cardio training affect strength and hypertrophy outcomes? How to build muscle and do cardio

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Today’s Question is: The heart muscle, to cardio or not to cardio? Will cardio have a negative impact on my hypertrophy and strength goals?

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++++++_ ANSWER ++++++_

  • The current evidence suggests that cardio is not detrimental to hypertrophic outcomes, even when performed suboptimally.
  • Cardio can affect strength output in a given session
  • I would recommend including cardio in your training, even if your primarily focused with strength training
  • It will help build work capacity required to build strength
  • Your body doesn’t solely rely on the anaerobic energy system during strength training. Your body relies on the cardiovascular system to recover within each set (rep to rep) and across your entire workout (set to set, exercise to exercise)
  • Almost all the current evidence shows that it is healthy for your heart
  • As long as cardio training doesn’t negatively impact your performance in the gym, in terms of interfering with time and recovery
  • It’s not a case of do or do not do cardio, it’s always a matter of dosage and when.
  • I’m not recommending to run a marathon, but I am recommending to maybe walk for 15 minutes a couple times a week.

At the end of the day, cardio does not deserve the muscle killing stigma it has had in the past. In reality, building for cardiovascular capacity and aerobic energy systems can actually help you build muscle, by allowing you to train harder for longer.

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