So… Much… Volume… | Average to Savage 2.0 Hypertrophy Edition Garage Gym Training Vlog

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Hypertrophy Week 2

Greg Nuckols just added more value to this already awesome program, by releasing some updates and new iterations of the program based on different goals. One of them being a hypertrophy focused template. This means more volume and a lot less weight.

My body has definitely grown accustomed to lower reps and heavier weights. Plugging in the exact same 1RM starting numbers into the spreadsheet, the second week was brutal, but slightly less than the first week. I’ll definitely be adjusting those weights for the upcoming weeks, in order to allow my body the ability to adapt to the new training stimulus being presented.

Training Highlights:

  • Squats with the SS Yoke: Because of how the camber of the weight acts, it means I need to focus more on keeping my back rigid and be better at bracing. It also means I squat with a more upright torso – relative to my low bar back squat.
  • The incline bench adds a slightly longer range of motion, and the close grip activates more of the triceps. With the close grip I like to keep my eblows as tucked as possible, which means a lower touch point on the chest.
  • The Slingshot bench is the only flat bench variant for this training block, as an experiment to see how it affects shoulder health as well as to help shift my focus to more overhead pressing movements- The deadlift is still adjusting to the higher rep nature of this training block, as seen by a less than steller performance
  • My front squat form has slowly been improving, a focus on lighter weight and higher rep is helping to reinforce good technique without the problem of a heavy weight interfering with execution

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