Should you do a dirty bulk? More tips for hard gainers

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++++++_ ANSWER ++++++_

I personally would not recommend a dirty bulk, AKA dreamer bulk, AKA bear mode, AKA see food diet. Having done this myself, I found it did increase my strength levels and was very fun to be able to eat whatever I wanted to, but it also caused a significant amount of fat gain.

The available research does show that given a moderate caloric surplus vs an excessive caloric surplus doesn’t help you build more muscle, rather it led to similar increases in muscular gains, but the excessive caloric surplus group simply added more fat to their frame.

So unless you want to simply put on both muscle and fat, I would recommend a more strategic method. Which would be to take a lot slower of an approach, and only look at gaining 1-2lbs per week.

This should help minimize fat gain as well as make the weight gain more sustainable. One thing I noticed with a quick change in weight, is that my body wanted to divert back to it’s original weight. When I gain weight at a much slower rate, my body seems to acclimatize to the new weight a lot better and it is much easier to maintain.

I would like to introduce my own version of RPE for satiety – RPS.
The Rate of Perceived Satiety:

  1. I’m still hungry
  2. I’m not hungry, but not full. and am choosing to not eat anymore
  3. I’m full and couldn’t eat anymore
  4. I regret all of my choices in the last 30 minutes. How is this a feeling?

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