Average to Savage 2.0 Hypertrophy Edition Week 4 Training Recap

Exercises Highlights this week:

Front Squats

  • One cue that has helped maintain a better barbell rack position, has been to really hunch my shoulders forward. I try and spread your shoulder blades as far apart as possible to create more shoulder space at the front of the body. I’ve also been getting accustomed to letting the barbell sit more on my throat between my throat and collar bone.


  • One thing to be aware of is the balance aspect of the lift, keeping the hamstrings ‘glued to the floor’ is going to provide the most stable base.


  • If you have issues with wrapping straps bent over, try kneeling down when wrapping. This is the first week in which I was able to complete the full rep and weight recommendations from the program, which means I think my body is realizing some effects from the new training stimulus.

High Incline Press

  • I haven’t noticed any shoulder discomfort from performing bench at this angle. Something to consider if you’re dealing with shoulder pain/discomfort around the bench press – play around with different angles of the incline

Fat Grip Barbell Row

  • Fat gripz are a great strength builder for the grip. This is a significant drop in weight that I can normally perform with the barbell row, which is a very bad sign of my weak grip. Due to some neural inhibition, when the brain sense a weak grip, it won’t activate as much muscle in an attempt to reduce injury.

Overhead Press

  • Notice my form breaks down as the set continues, watch:
    • my lower back arch continuing to get bigger and bigger,
    • sideways shifting of my hips, which is showing that my core can’t keep up the brace.

Atlas stones

  • wrapping up the week with some atlas stone lifts. My current strategy is to build up technique and volume with the 185lb stone, which I try and set new rep PR’s each week, I accomplished 10 reps with this stone.

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