Review of the Original Bench Press Slingshot by Mark Bell.

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Here is a review of the Original Slingshot by MarkBell. How much ya bench?

I purchase the Original Slingshot back in 2018.

It aids the Bench Press in two ways:

  • It locks your elbows into place, which will help keep your shoulders in place, which results in a more efficient press
  • The elastic serves to add some stored mechanical energy, which allows you to either bench press more weight or bench the same weight for more reps.


The price ranges from $48 to $68. I think it’s a good price point. For a non-essential piece of training equipment, it’s further down on the list of things to purchase to help you train. By the time you purchase this, you should have all the other essentials, (lifting belt, wrist wraps, lifting straps etc.) So for a nice additional variety for your training, this is pretty good value. Not many other options exist in this category, and of those that do exist, this is a great price point.


The Slingshot itself, has held up really well over the last couple of years. Apart from the logo on the front, which is not stretchy, the slingshot itself has held up very nicely. Like anything with elastic, it eventually loosens over time, and this certainly is showing some signs of stretching. None of the stitching has come apart or have the edges frayed. Nothing to suggest it would snap or fail anytime soon.

I do wash the Slingshot after each ‘season’ of use. Which I think helps keep it in good shape. I machine wash with cold water on the gentle cycle and let it air dry.


You shouldn’t rely solely on the slingshot to work through an injury, rather it’s a great tool to have as part of your holistic injury management training plan. From a shoulder pain perspective, it does help to minimize shifting of the elbows, which has personally helped with my shoulder pain experience. The root cause of your pain may be different, and this may not be that effective, or it may only form part of the puzzle to train with minimal pain.

As a powerlifting accessory too, it’s a great way to overload the bench press, whilst still going through a full range of motion. It is cheaper than getting bands or chains to provide that accommodating or overloading resistance.
It allows you to train through a full range of motion and locks the elbows into position, making the overload slightly safer and minimizes changes in your movement pattern during the bench.

Should you buy it?

I think it’s a great tool if you’ve been benching for a while. I don’t think it’s necessary for beginners.
If you’re in the market for a slingshot type device, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this. From my own experience, the only time you’ll have to replace it is when you have to get the next heavy version.

Will it help your bench press increase? Yes, but it won’t be the only reason for it.

Whilst not absolutely necessary, it is a fun tool to use and get your body used to some overload bench press, especially if you don’t have the setup for bands or chains.

Will it help you bench press without shoulder pain? Potentially, if it addresses what’s causing the pain during the bench press. I would consider using a Slingshot, before stopping bench pressing altogether.


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