Deadlifts are turning around! Average to Savage 2.0 | Hypertrophy Edition Garage Gym Training Vlog Week 5

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Week 5

Sub par performances this week across several lifts, including the SSB squat, stiff leg deadlift, Z-press, and overhead press. On the plus side, my energy levels are feeling a lot better this week, when compared with week 1.

Exercise Highlights:

SSB Squats

Technical focus: maintain as much of an upright back angle as possible, in order to fight the folding over effect that the SS yoke bar. For my personal squatting pattern, heeled squat shoes help with depth and stability.

Close Grip Incline Bench Press

Technical focus: Keep my elbows tucked.
Progress is going well with the bench accessories and the biggest bonus of no shoulder pain/discomfort. I did have some slight DOMS in the triceps, which I think is great in this case, as hopefully it’s a signal that I am getting more tricep than pec activation.

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Technical focus: Keep weight on heels and slide butt back.
I think this is one of those movements, where a mind muscle connection is important, since I use the SLDL as a hamstring targeting movement. When I pay less attention to the movement, I begin to notice my lower back engaging more to take over the load.

Fat Grip/Bar Pullups

Using the larger diameter for a little bit of extra open grip work. I prefer to perform multiple sets further from failure, around 2RIR/8RPE. I notice that when I get close to failure for either chin/pull ups, my biceps start to take over the lift. Which is not something I want to do, I’d prefer to keep the focus on building the back.

Front Squats

Technical focus: Maintain upright back.
Pressing the barbell into my throat as much as possible really helps with this. Keep a hip width stance and my toes angled out around 45 degrees, also allows me more room to bend the knees both forwards and out, which helps to open up the hips.

Technical focus: stick hamstrings to the floor and keep elbows forwad

Struggled this week with the Z-Press, a lot of fatigue in both my lower back and triceps.

Another successful deadlift performance this week, with rep targets being matched and actual full reps

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