Phase 1 comes to an end. Average to Savage 2.0 | Hypertrophy Edition Garage Gym Training Vlog

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Average to Savage 2.0
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Week 6

The final week before next week’s deload, means some boundaries were pushed, but the performances… not so much.
If you’ve been following along with my progress, you’ll know that I have been struggling with the new demands from hypertrophy focused training. The last real week of phase 1 was no different.

Even though the performance metrics of tonnage weren’t exactly great, from a subjective perspective I have been very happy with how the program has been unfolding. I think I am adapting to the higher volume demands and that I should start realizing some of those in the second and third phases of the program.

Exercise Highlights:

Safety Squat Bar Squats… SSB Yoke Squats

You’ll notice form breakdown by watching the double movement of the barbell. A sliding back of my knees initiates movement out of the hole. My hips shoot up slightly faster than my upper back – which results in a change in back angle on the ascent.

Front Squat

Compare the movement of the SS Yoke squat, with that of the front squat. Even though the center of gravity is similar between the two movements, my back stays upright throughout the entire movement. Keep in mind it is a lot less weight and if I were to tip forward, I would also drop the barbell

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

I find that with overhead triceps movements I get a better stretch in my triceps, which doesn’t just help with more muscle activation, but also doubles as feeling good in the shoulders.

Barbell Curls

I’m a big fan of this version of the curl, that I learned from Dr. Mike Israetel from Renaissance Periodization, where each rep stops at the forehead, this helps with creating consistent range of motion as well as minimizes the chance of using momentum, otherwise you’ll knock yourself out.

Plate sit ups

These are a great option if you have the foot pads to help counterbalance you and activate some hip flexors. I like to try and keep the plate above my head, to prevent it being used as a counterweight and make the situp easier.

Overhead Press

Using the STrong elbow sleeves from Mark Bell, I’m a fan of the support and warmth that the elbow sleeves provide in the movement

Slingshot bench

A Mark Bell gear double feature this week. I focused on making sure to pause at the bottom of the bench, in order to minimize any momentum from a bounce off the chest. Since we’re getting a lot of elastic mechanical energy from the Slingshot, minimizing any extra mechanical advantages in the lift will help derive more stimulus on the chest

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DISCLAIMER: This video & description contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps the channel and allows us to continue to make videos. Thank you! Please read my full disclosure here:

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