How to use the Bench Press Original Slingshot. Including a sample warmup

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On this episode of the Slingshot deep dive series, I show you just how to use the Slingshot and get the most out of it.

The slingshot does take a couple of sessions to get the motor pattern down. Although very similar to a regular bench press, the elastic does have a slight learning curve.

When first using the Slingshot in your training, I would recommend taking 2 weeks to learn the movement pattern and feel how the Slingshot affects your bench press. Stick to 60-70% 1RM or 6-7RPE to work with a lot of volume to teach your body the new motor pattern.

How to:

  1. First of all, make sure the logo is outward facing, because the sticker binds on clothing during the stretching of of the slingshot
  2. Bring up the slingshot to the elbows, I like to have the center stitch line up with my elbow. But you may have to play around with positioning based on your own body dimensions
  3. My ideal grip width, is pinkies on the powerlifting ring knurl mark. The wider you grip, the more elastic energy will be available, but because you’re elbows will be getting pulled in you may have an odd forearm angle if you grip too wide. If you grip too narrow, you won’t be getting as much elastic energy from the Slingshot
  4. Mark Bell does recommend a pause at the bottom of the bench, I recommend you do this as well. This does eliminate any bounce off the chest at the bottom of the press, which isn’t really optimal for any reason.
  5. As you press, your elbows will be pulled in towards the body, make sure you work to keep you forearms in a vertical position throughout the lift.

Sample Warmup Procedure

E,g, Working target for is 4 sets with 245lbs for 9 reps.

Sets without the Slingshot
1st: empty barbell for 30 reps
2nd: 95lbs for 15 reps
3rd: 135lbs for 10

Put on the Slingshot

4th: 185lbs for 5 reps
5th: 185lbs for 9 reps
6th: 225lbs for 9 reps
7th: First working set at 245lbs for 9 reps.
8-10th: Working sets at 245lbs for 9 reps

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