How to keep workouts under 1 hour. Maximize strength. Minimize time in the gym.

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Today’s Question is: How can you keep workouts within a one hour time frame, whilst still maximizing strength outcomes?

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++++++_ ANSWER ++++++_

Since not everyone wants to spend 2-3 hours everyday in the gym, this video will provide some ideas to implement in your training to help keep training time to under 1 hour. Unfortunately, because opportunity costs exists, 1 hour in the gym won’t be as effective as 3 hours in the gym, but 1 hour is better than 0 hours.

Here are my strategies for creating more efficient workouts.

  • Keep a close eye on your rest times – Utilize rest periods of under 3 minutes
    Research shows that 3 minute rest periods are better than 1 minute rests with regards to bulding muscle size, but if you’re time is limited, this is a great place to make a compromise.
  • Use compound lifts
    Big compound movements, like the squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, pull up, barbell rows, provide a great way to efficiently structure workouts.
    This is because you’re getting in more work with one movement, take the bench press, you’re stressing both the chest AND the triceps.
    The more joints that move with an exercise, the more musculature you’re able to activate
  • Do full body workouts
    With full body workouts, you’re able to make the week’s training a lot more efficient.
    Building muscle size doesn’t come from isolation movements, it comes from volume
  • Train most of your lifts in a superset or giant set fashion.
    Supersets will help minimize rest times between each movement. Since we grouping two exercises back to back, we eliminate one block of rest periods.
    Another way is to perform giant sets, inspired by Brian Alsruhe, where you have a main movement, then an explosive secondary movement, then an ab movement and then an antagonist movement. Performed with no rest in between movements, and your regular 90 second to 3 minute rest in between each giant set. This is a way of condensing the exercises down and instead of resting 90 seconds between each individual exercises, you’re only getting a 90 second rest per 4 movements.
  • Consider increasing frequency of lifting in order to decrease your time in the gym each session. Instead of working out for 2 hours a day, 3 times a week, maybe look at 1 hour x 5 days a week
    More planning will be required, since you’ll only be able to perform two movements a day, think of how you can spread out your movements over a week.
  • Another possibility would be to do 2x 30 minute sessions over a day. If this is more congruent to your schedule, then split up a typical 1 hour workout into 2 sessions.

Hopefully that gave you some ideas to help bring your workout times down and keep your workouts both quick, but as efficient and effective as possible.

Check out my blog for some sample workout plans –


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