The Return of the Barbell Back Squat! Average to Savage 2.0 Hypertrophy Week 8 Training Recap

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Week 8 – The start of phase 2

The start of the second phase also brings along a new cycle of movements. Marking the return of the barbell back squat a movement I haven’t performed in over 3 months.

Exercises This Week:

Barbell Back Squat

For those following the channel, you know that I have performed squats primarily with the SSB Yoke Barbell for the last three months. I was pleasantly surprised with my form with the regular barbell back squat. It almost felt slightly easier, because the weight wasn’t trying to pull me forward.

You’ll notice at the start of the squat, that my back becomes slightly more vertical at the start of the ascent, which is a carry over from the camber of the SS Yoke barbell, but as the set goes on and fatigue creeps in, you can see that my hips start to rise faster than my upper back

Deficit Deadlifts

A 2″ deficit is usually the highest I will go, I think it’s a good balance between extra range of motion and not altering your deadlift form too much. I’m hoping to get some synergistic outcomes by choosing the deficit deadlift as my primary deadlift accessory movement, in the hopes to both aid the deadlift movement, due to it’s ability to help build strength off the floor, as well as utilize the extra time under tension to improve muscle building (hypertrophic) outcomes.

Push Press

I’m reintroducing the push press after a 6 week break. Because of the leg drive component of the lift, I think it helps with developing a stronger core for the purposes of the strict press, because you absolutely have to have a good brace for this dynamic press, otherwise the transfer of force from your legs to the barbell will be lost in a severe back arch.

Overhead Press

My technical goals for this phase are to minimize any layback and hip drive, in order to really focus on building the strength in my shoulders.

The focus has been to maintain a good braced midsection and keep the legs and glutes flexed throughout the press.

Low Incline Bench Press

This is the only horizontal pushing movement included in this phase of training, because I want to focus developing my overhead pressing. For this phase of training bench press will take a backseat to the all other lifts. This is also performed on the same day as my overhead press, which introduces more auto-regulation on the weight I can use for the incline bench, since my triceps and deltoids will already be fatigued from the overhead pressing. I don’t believe there is much carry over from bench pressing to overhead pressing, apart from the development in triceps strength.

Front Squat

One of the few movements that have stuck around since the start of programming and that’s because I have really wanted to bring my front squat strength up. I have been successful in the recent weeks of focusing on the front rack position, as I’m getting more and more exposure to the position, my body is adapting and there is far less pain in the wrists, and the front rack itself, feels very solid.


Continuing with the performance of the conventional deadlift. I don’t mind the sumo deadlift, but my personal experience with heavy squatting and sumo deadlifting, is that it beats up my hips.

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