Holding no punches back, these are articles written to help inspire, motivate and kick your body into gear.

Trust the Process

One of the issues I battle with daily, is patience. Patience in reaching goals and reducing the obsessive behavior linked with achieving these goals . What this usually means, is that I’ll drop my focus from everything else and solely… Read More ›

First Look Within

Your own worst enemy is usually the voice within your head. Worrying about the future and contemplating the past, whilst ignoring the present. If we look at the way we speak to ourselves; ‘You’re not strong enough’ ‘What makes you… Read More ›

Why Strength is a Priority

I believe that strength development should be a lifetime pursuit for everybody. This isn’t to say that everybody should be a competitive strongman, weightlifter or powerlifter. Rather, I suggest that consistent, long term strength training be a part of everyone’s… Read More ›